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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.Albert Einstein

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Austin  Educators  formally AGE- ‘A Family for  rich learning’, founded by Mr. Austin in the year 2017 is a leading educational coaching institute in Mangalore, India.

Austin  Educators provide comprehensive test preparatory services to students preparing for Medical, Engineering and defense entrance tests. The team strongly believes in molding young minds at tender age and hence delivers promising methods in training 3rd to 10th std STATE, CBSE and ICSE students.

Institute has academically strong group of around 15 faculties from reputed P.U colleges across Mangalore. Presently, two branches are well established in Pumpwell and Kodialbail regions of Mangalore city.


Mr. Austin, Edupreneur and former intern from IIT Guwahati in the field of Theoretical Physics is stern with the underlying realities that students need to realise the subjects they learn are derivatives from Nature itself and we utilize them on daily basis one way or another unknowingly. If students can pave the path from their subjects to practical application, the traditional way of parents insisting their children to study shall be redundant and a child shall be able to develop his own instincts and perform accordingly both in academics and personal life as well. As we look into the future from today, our country needs motivated, mature and reasonable living personalities as the norms of doing jobs as an employee will take a drastic change and we need to take care the students of today shall not suffer recession due to lack of skills.


Austin  Educators (AGE) is likely to be turned into a company with time in order to reach more students at individual level on an online platform. Our immediate game plan is to provide online teaching to Mangalorean students and offline doubt clearing section at our centers to enhance more discussions and live interaction as we know online teaching can never be as effective as offline teaching in terms of involvement and discipline

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The Solitary style

refers to students seeking individual coaching. i.e; one-to-one

  This method is preferred by any student with specific goals towards any course. For instance

Previously academically well-excelled student may seek this option so as to cover more syllabus in less period of time according to his pace and convenience. This helps him/her to save his/her time and move on quickly

Previously academically under-performed student may seek this option so that he/she can improve gradually at his/her pace and cover syllabus qualitatively.

The Delegator style

In this, students who look forward to learn via Group-Discussion method. Students opting for NEET and IIT-JEE generally take up this method as it demands discussion. These competitive exams never repeat questions in their upcoming yearly exams and hence discussion is mandatory to share knowledge as prediction of questions cannot be made. Here a “Group” comprises of maximum 6 students or less, with similar .

The Demonstrator Style

This method refers to students seeking group tutoring process. There won’t be any Group discussions in this category. A “group” in this category comprises of 10-15 students only. This process is effective for students who are self-aware of their purpose and goals. Student who is reluctant in asking doubts in the presence of other students shall not opt for this method.

Students looking for BOARDS+CET generally opt for this method.

The Facilitator Style

 Students who are good at self-learning. Besides, they may require a tutor nearby around so as to ask any emerging doubts and get clarified instantly. This method is preferable for students who find their home to be a difficult place to study effectively as it happens to be their comfort zone and for those who have determination and confidence to study on their own and needs a tutor just to help him out when necessary.

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